Xe Series - made for Europe

The coming together of Inox India Private Limited (India’s largest cryogenic engineering company) and Cryogenic Vessel Alternatives (CVA - the world’s largest manufacturer of cryogenic transportation equipment) creates a new powerful joint entity that truly reflects the complementary market leadership and the multiplied strengths reflected in the combined entity.
Experience - Intellectual knowledge pool of more than 30 years of experience
Expertise - Set new benchmarks in design, engineering, manufacturing & service
Excellence - Deliver higher value to customers with a global synergy of strengths

The synergies of both these companies - the reinforced depth of talent, enhanced technical expertise; collective experience and extended market reach have created a strong platform for accelerated growth.
As a result, innovation has leapt forward in the form of a new design …
E series
Ergonomic - Intuitive, easy to understand and follow, all controls easy to reach
Economical - Control functions designed to give good value for money
Efficient - Streamlined manufacture, regional storage and ready availability
Xe series
Introducing INOXCVA’s new vertical storage tank

Xe Series - made for Europe

The Xe series is engineered for high performance & extended hold time in compliance with Eurocode 8 Design.

The Single Crane Lifting with SS lifting lugs makes installation a one-lift process saving time and resources. The efficient aluminum Flat Fin PBU (to avoid ice accumulation) is a great feature for colder climates. Our tank’s easier visual control with optimum valve configuration (180 degree) & Burst discs as a secondary safety device ensures safe operation & maintenance.

Xe are assembled with state-of-the-art fabrication techniques for maximum strength and coated by high quality surface finish with durable gloss painting.

Xe Tanks designed to EN-13458, PED 97/23/CE compliant is Simpler, Safer & Sturdier.

Thermosiphon option also available.

Salient features of Xe Series
Features of X-Series
Key Features
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Capacity:   400 litres - 60000 litres. 105 gallons - 15850 gallons
Pressure:  Standard 17bar
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  • Xe Tanks designed to EN-13458, PED 97/23/CE compliant
  • Safer, Simpler, Sturdier
  • Segregated liquid and gas piping
  • Eurocode 8 compliant design
  • High quality surface finish with durable gloss painting
  • Easier valve operation. Valves located within 180 degrees.
  • Inner vessel of austenitic stainless steel
  • High performance & extended hold time for lower life cycle cost
  • Single crane lifting with stainless steel lifting lugs with four non-corrosive galvanized legs
  • Stainless Steel cryogenic valves, bronze body safety valves and regulators
  • Combined 3 way regulator for cold converter function
  • QR Code for quick information
  • Cold pipe outlets with insulation and rain drainage protection
  • Control panel customized to each air gas company's preference
  • Customer specific valves and gauges from International suppliers
  • Over-fill pressure protection valve
  • Online remote telemetry unit
  • Thermosiphon
  • Burst discs as secondary safety devices
  • Rupture discs as secondary safety devices
  • Stainless steel outer vessel
  • Protective frame for Static Portacryos
  • Fill line check with drain and relief valve
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