Thermosiphon Tanks

Capacity:   4000 litres - 60000 litres. 1056 gallons - 15850 gallons
Pressure:  Standard 17.6 kg/cm2
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  • Vertical cryogenic storage tank with thermosiphon for LIN, LOX, LAR, LCO2 & LN2O service
  • Efficient vacuum & perlite insulation
  • TIG welded Stainless Steel 304 piping ensures reliability and longer life
  • Ergonomic designed piping layout for ease of access, operation & maintenance
  • Long lasting high quality surface finish & paint
  • Stainless steel body cryogenic valves
  • Inner vessel of austenitic stainless steel
  • High performance & extended hold time for lower life cycle cost
  • Flow Diverter valve with 2 relief valves as standard
  • Provisions for transmitter mounting and telemetry
  • Stainless steel lifting lugs and integral shipping supports
  • Easy access multi-functional single setting cryo regulator for pressure building & economizer
  • Maximum utilization of contents
  • Common modular configuration and footprint
  • Cold stretched inner vessel
  • Cleaned for oxygen service
  • Provision for multiple anchor bolts to meet all seismic zones
  • Instantaneous restart of pump due to thermosiphon feature
  • Extended leg height and vacuum jacket
  • Lower tank operating pressures
  • Extended pump life and low maintenance cost
  • Higher efficiency with minimal gas loses
  • Design in accordance with other international codes
  • Customer specific piping, valves and accessories
  • Double valves on pump lines
  • Bronze body cryogenic valves
  • Customized filling and delivery connections
  • Burst discs as secondary safety devices
  • Dual thermosiphon options on other models than illustrated
  • Others pressure rating higher or lower than 17.6 kg/cm2 available on request
  • LNG service
* These are general feature and are liable to change on subsequent revision and updation without prior notice.

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