Semi Trailers

Capacity:   10000 litres to 56000 litres. 2641 gallons - 14793 gallons (other sizes on request)
Pressure:  3bar standard, 24 bar on selected models
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  • Cryogenic transportation tanks for LIN, LOX, LAR, LCO2, LN2O, LNG or Ethylene service
  • Efficient super insulation for optimum performance
  • Ergonomic piping & easy to operate valves in rugged cabinet. Cryo weld supporting system
  • Ergonomic designed piping layout for ease of access, operation & maintenance
  • Long lasting high quality surface finish and paint
  • Reliable design & support system for rough transportation conditions
  • Inner vessel of austenitic stainless steel
  • Best payload in its class
  • Bellow sealed vacuum measuring valve and vacuum gauge tube
  • Stainless steel body cryogenic globe valves
  • Inner vessel safety valve with flow diverter valve for easy maintenance without depressurization
  • IVAC vacuum retention methodology
  • Electrically operated unloading transfer pump with control panel
  • Pneumatic suspension with aluminum alloy wheel rims and tubeless tire
  • ADR approved LED lighting
  • Rear fender with function lights
  • Anti-Lock braking system
  • Provision for hose and pump cable stowage
  • Cavitation free plumbing and SS body valves
  • Landing gear
  • Air suspension
  • Unloading pump 22KW, 3Ph, plug in type electric supply
  • Running gear suitable for complaince to country road regulations & load restrictions
  • Air operated fire block valve on liquid lines
  • Additional manual isolation valves on liquid lines
  • Rupture discs as secondary safety device
  • Anti- tow away device
  • Flow meter with printer and totalizer
  • Transfer hose 1.5", 4 meter
  • Pressure display in drivers cabin
  • Selection of specs and makes axles and tires
  • Super single tire and aluminium wheel rims
  • Power cable for pump (20 mtr)
  • Auto tire inflation system
  • Hub odometer
  • Control Panel & VFD facilities
  • Additional safety features such as EBS with RSS function
  • Transfer pump drive options : hydraulic, PTO assisted alternator, engine
  • Height barrier
  • Cold shock test with Liquid Nitrogen

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