Cryo Scientific

INOXCVA Offers Turnkey Solutions & Developmental Initiatives for Cryogenics in Scientific & Industrial Research and Applications.

Our cryogenic solutions and products are found canvas in high-tech environments such as:

  • Satellite Launch Facilities
  • Cryogenic Propulsion Systems & Research
  • Simulation
  • Atomic and Atomic Energy
  • Aerospace Space Simulation
  • Plasma Research
  • Cryogenic Process Technologies
  • Scientific & Industrial Research
  • Advanced Technologies with use of Cryogenics

Generally speaking

A cryogenic application will be tailor-made, with many assignments requiring a customer-specific solution. INOXCVA produces unique total solutions from design through construction up to and including taking into service on site. The assignment can, if required, be executed on a turnkey basis, in accordance with any desired specification.


Cryogenic applications are used in high-tech environments. Many customers require the very highest demands of their suppliers and apply the strictest of standards.

Product Range

  • Supply of standard as well as custom built cryogenic tanks, super insulated piping, and related equipment for storage and distribution of cryogenic fluids.
  • Cold Box and Vacuum Systems
  • Gas Charging Systems

References of the Project successfully executed

Cryogenic Propulsion Systems and Research
  • Development manufacturing, testing and supply of ambient heaters/Vaporisers  for liquid hydrogen/ Liquid Oxygen on TEST STAND used for performance trials of Cryogenic Engines.
  • Large Capacity storage systems for Liquid Nitrogen and Liquid Oxygen. 
  • Design, Development, testing and supply of gaseous hydrogen cooler and ambient heater as a part of fluid servicing system.
Space Applications and Simulation
  • High Flow, high pressure gas Nitrogen systems to be used at high pressure test facility for launch vehicle components.
  • Liquid Nitrogen storage and Distribution for large Thermo vacuum system.
Satellite Launch Facilities
  • Cryogenic propellant filling and servicing facility for Launch Pad project.
  • Gas storage and servicing facility for Launch Pad project.
  • Super Insulated   Flexible Hoses for Cryo Propellant loading into launch vehicle.
  • Indigenous Development and supply of Liquid Nitrogen shielded Liquid Hydrogen Tank.
  • Design, Engineering and fabrication of Super Insulated piping and Cryo Valve units for meeting requirements of Launch Pad Augmentation Project.
  • Large Capacity tanks for  Liquid Nitrogen and Liquid Oxygen Storage systems
Scientific  and Industrial  Research Institutes
  • Liquid Nitrogen Storage and distribution system for Linear Particle Accelerator Facility and research facilities in the field for Nano - Electronics, Semi conductor and cryogenic technology.
Defense Research
  • Liquid Nitrogen Storage and Super Insulated piping for  HALT/HASS ( Accelerated testing) facilities
  • Nitrogen Gas generation system for  Acoustic Test Facility
  • Super Insulated piping for distribution  of Liquid Nitrogen to Peletron  Accelerator
  • Liquid Nitrogen storage and distribution to Nuclear Power Plants
  • Vacuum cold box for cryogenic process system
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