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INOXCVA is proud to announce its partnership with Shell Energy India for #LNG distribution. At INOXCVA, we are committed to a cleaner, safer and a reliable gas-based economy.  (18th March, 2020)

Mumba, 17th March, 2020. INOX India Pvt Ltd (INOX), global leaders in Cryogenic Liquid Storage, Distribution and Re-Gas solutions have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Shell Energy India Pvt Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell plc, for partnering and developing the market for LNG supply by Road from Shell's LNG Terminal in Hazira (District Surat), Gujarat. The MoU envisages deployment of distribution infrastructure including logistics and receiving facilities at customer end and will offer LNG access to the customers not connected to the pipelines. This will help in increasing the penetration and consumption of clean, reliable and cost-efficient LNG to commercial and industrial (C&I) users all over the country. The MoU also covers the cooperation in developing a larger market for LNG as a transport fuel for longhaul heavy-duty trucks and buses.
Shell Energy India (SEI) owns and operates a 5 MMTPA LNG Receiving, Storage and Regasification Terminal at Hazira in Gujarat. SEI is building a truck loading facility at its Hazira Terminal and the partnership with INOX, will help Shell to develop the market for LNG as a preferred fuel in the rapidly growing city gas distribution, LCNG and industrial sector as well as usage of LNG as an auto fuel.
Announcing the MoU, Siddharth Jain, Executive Director, INOX India Pvt Ltd said, "Our partnership with Shell, underlines INOX's innovativeness and our futuristic approach. LNG is not only a clean and cost-effective fuel but is also safe and reliable. We are delighted that our collaborated efforts will make this green fuel more accessible. A larger gas-based industrial ecosystem augurs well with Indian economy as well as for the environment at the same time and is a win-win situation for all stakeholders."
Speaking on the occasion, Ashwani Dudeja, Country Head, Shell Energy India added, "We look forward to working with INOX to deliver LNG by trucks and create access to LNG for customers not connected via pipeline. There is a growing demand for gas, the cleanest-burning fossil fuel, from the City Gas Distribution sector, commercial and industrial customers and as a fuel for heavy-duty transport. We are excited to explore this new segment and develop other such partnerships which will enable us to continue playing a key role in meeting India's long-term need for more and cleaner energy."
As a market leader for safe and reliable transportation and distribution of LNG by road, INOX is known for its innovative and future-ready solutions, customized to the needs of global gas consumers. Since commissioning its first small scale LNG installation at the Halol Plant of General Motors in year 2010, INOX has successfully installed more than 35 such facilities across the country, under its GoLNG brand. Propagating the use of LNG as a clean and environment-friendly source of energy, INOX's GoLNG transport tankers have collectively logged more than 6.5 Million KMs and distributed ~100,000 Metric Tonnes of LNG to its consumers spread all over the country.

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Meet the King & Queen from INOXCVA.... The rugged tanks mounted on Trailers...!  (19th January, 2020)

King - Cryogenic Trailer (10.1kUS)) for O&G operations, designed to be hauled in filled condition complying with road regulations, operates as a stand-alone cryogenic storage tank on-site.
Queen - Mobile Storage vessel, larger than King, is hauled empty as a Trailer, and operates as a large capacity cryogenic storage tank on-site, independent of the Prime mover.
The King or Queen are equipped with Diesel engine driven Hydraulic Power Pack that operates the cryogenic pumping system to deliver cryogenic liquid at specific pressure & flow. Pump safety system, Emergency control circuit and a whole bunch of control and monitoring instruments & accessories form part of this completely integrated autonomous system.
Piping design are optimized to fit the site conditions to facilitate filling and withdrawal. Valves and gauges are designed to be easily accessible. Operation and maintenance are easy with design of the entire system meeting customer's specifications.
Selected on basis of site-requirement & cryogenic liquid consumption pattern, the King or Queen provide transportable storage and supply of cryogenic liquid (or ga)) at required pressure and flow in O&G operation sites.

INOXCVA has appointed Jayanta Bhattacharyya as its General Manager Marketing (IG - Exports)   (6th January, 2020)

With 25 years of experience from working in MNCs Hyundai Engineering, Praxair, BOC and Linde, Bhattacharyya (pictured left) brings with him strong leadership capabilities in construction, project management, CES and key account management in power, refining and the industrial gas industry.
Vineet Koshal, General Manager Marketing (Global) commented, "His vast global exposure and strong techno-commercial experience, will synergise and strengthen our business strategies, and provide an impetus to our global presence and growth plans."
Savir Julka, Global Head Marketing (IG), added, "With our operations in South America, Europe and India, this appointment expands our reach globally and bringing us closer to our customers with value added support and attention." INOXCVA's customer base spreads over nearly 100 countries. The company offers high quality standard equipment and customised packaged systems and solutions in industrial gas, LNG, oil & gas and cryo-science.

INOX India Commissions India’s First LNG Dispensing Station   (19th December, 2019)

Dispensing station at Petronet LNG, Dahej, Gujarat, would power passenger buses
Commissioning augurs well with Govt. of India's vision of encouraging the use of Gas in India's energy mix
Global leaders in cryogenic liquid storage, distribution and re-gas solutions, INOX India Pvt Ltd (INOX) has crossed yet another historic milestone by commissioning India's first LNG Dispensing Station at Dahej in the Bharuch District in Gujarat. The dispensing station has been commissioned at the Petronet LNG Terminal.
The LNG station would dispense fuel to the buses which are expected to ferry staff of Petronet LNG from Bharuch town to Petronet LNG terminal in Dahej, which is located at a distance of 50 KMs.
INOX India's latest endeavour would bring about various benefits with the use of LNG as a sustainable energy source. Besides being cost efficient, the use of LNG as a clean fuel would lead to reduction in air pollution and noise pollution. The initiative would also considerably bring down the vehicle maintenance cost as compared to diesel buses. This milestone also strongly supports Government of India's vision of increasing the use of natural gas in the country's energy mix enabling the use of safe and environment friendly fuel in different parts of country.
Speaking on the occasion, Deepak Acharya, Chief Executive Officer - INOX India Pvt. Ltd said, "Setting up of India's first LNG dispensing station is a momentous occasion in the history of INOX India. More than a business milestone, the commissioning of India's first LNG dispensing station for us is like fulfilling our responsibility towards the environment, and society at large. We have a vision of commissioning 25 more LNG/LCNG dispensing stations in the coming 2 years across the country. I also take this opportunity to thank Petronet LNG, TATA Motors and Petroleum & Explosive Safety Organization for being a part of this milestone." The commissioning event, at Petronet LNG premises was attended by distinguished officials from Petronet LNG, PESO, TATA Motors and Bureau Veritas, besides technical experts from INOX India.

INOXCVA Women welders ready to take the world...!  (19th December, 2019)

SPARK, corporate social responsibility initiative promoted by INOX India, a leader in delivering Cryogenic storage, distribution & transportation solutions worldwide. The Cryogenic industry has a huge demand of Welding professionals, which is primarily a male dominated profession...women were not seen in this area of work. Inox India's manufacturing facility is located in an economically and socially backward region.
Seven girls from the surrounding area, who were just 10th grade pass were identified & selected to be trained as welders at Vivekanand Institute of Vocational & Entrepreneurial Competence (VIVEC), which is residential vocational & skill development center run by Shroffs Foundation Trust near Vadodara. All expenses, from training fee to lodging & boarding in the hostel were borne by INOX India. After the successful training in VIVEC, these girls were inducted as Trainee Welders in INOX India where they are being further trained and mentored to take up bigger roles & challenges in the complex stages of manufacturing processes.
According to Mr. Sudhir Sethi, Head HR, this is a matter of immense pride & satisfaction to witness the transformation in the lives of these rural girls. They are role models, not only in their family or community, but for themselves as well.

INOXCVA makes new appointment   (19th November, 2019)

INOXCVA has appointed Robert Adamczuk as Sales Manager for the European Industrial Gases Industry.
Adamczuk has more than 24 years' experience in international companies AGA, BOC and Air Products and has acquired strong leadership capabilities in sales and marketing, business development, key account management and supply chain management in the industrial gas industry. In a previous role of logistics manager, he acquired detailed understanding of cryogenic liquid bulk delivery, storage and distribution supply chain. Adamczuk has launched and developed the industrial gas microbulk supply chain in Poland and other key assignments in LPG, healthcare and special gases business units, whilst leading sales and marketing teams.
While working in his previous position he negotiated and managed a key contracts and strategic investment projects with major chemical and petrochemical companies across the whole Central and Eastern European Region. Responsible for identifying and formulating effective business strategies, INOXCVA said Adamczuk is an expert on technical and commercials of the industrial gas industry, liquid bulk, packaged gases, on-site and tonnage.
Savir Julka, Global Head Marketing (IG) said, "For INOXCVA, this is a positive step forward in the European industrial gas market, bringing the company closer to its customers and enable local service support. We wish Robert and all our customers and partners, all the very best!"

INOX India commissions INDIA’s first LCNG dispensing station right in the heart land of INDIA for RAWMATT at Nagpur, Maharashtra.   (12th September, 2019)

Installed & commissioned in record time of 5 months, this LCNG station would dispense CNG to Buses, Cars and Autos and also act as mother station for filling high pressure CNG cascades to service CNG daughter stations and nearby industrial customers. Station will also dispense CNG for Nagpur Municipal Corporation ~300 Nos. buses which are being converted on CNG by RAWMATT.
The facility also has provision to add LNG dispensing for heavy duty trucks and buses.
The LCNG station will be operated by INOX for a period of one year and will also provide training to RAWMATT personnel for subsequent operation. INOX is also entrusted with the critical role of bringing LNG from Petronet LNG's Dahej Terminal covering a one-way distance of 900 kms from the Terminal.
This is a first of its kind successful demonstration for LCNG dispensing for automobile applications where pipeline network is yet to be developed or uneconomical to develop.
Due to much lesser implementation time, this model will open up large opportunities for all stakeholders for Central India.
This milestone also strongly supports Govt. of India's initiative for increasing the use of Natural Gas in India's energy mix and enables the use of safe and environment friendly fuel in different parts of country.

Hydrogen Generation with INOXCVA LNG system   (10th July, 2019)

INOXCVA recently commissioned LNG facility in India. The facility provides "Methane" as feed gas to generate Hydrogen through the SMR (Steam Methane Reformer) process for INOX AIR PRODUCT'S on site plant which supplies various industrial gases to Saint Gobain's "Glass Complex" at Sriperumbudur near Chennai.
This is 3rd such LNG installation of INOXCVA providing "Methane" as feed gas for Hydrogen Generation. The first two facilities were commissioned during the year 2014.

LNG/LCNG based multifunctional CGD Station for GAIL INDIA  (19th March, 2019)

"INOX commissions India's state of the art 4th Generation LNG/LCNG based multi-functional CGD Station which provides PNG to domestic customers, High Pressure CNG Casacades for Vehicles and capable of filling LNG Liquid Cylinders, LNG and CNG dispensing for GAIL India Limited the CGD operator in Bhubeneshwar, Orrissa." The LNG Facility will be operated by INOX for a period of one year. INOX is also entrusted with the critical role of bringing LNG from Petronet LN's Dahej Terminal covering a one-way distance of 1700 kms from the Terminal." 1st of its kind successful demonstration for the Natural Gas Industry which opens up large opportunities for all partners in the value chain and strongly supports Govt. of India's initiative for increasing the use of Gas in India's energy mix and also enables the use of safe and environmentally friendly fuel in different parts of the country.

Super Insulated 300m3 Liquid Nitrogen tank for ISRO SHAR-SRIHARIKOTA - FIRST of its kind undertaken in India, probably Asia...!   (7th July, 2017)

Leadership, by design... says INOXCVA's company profile... And they recently demonstrated they are truly ahead of others, with another major milestone achieved in the field of cryogenic insulation technology.
Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), in process of setting up large storage capacity for Liquid Nitrogen at SHAR - Sriharikota, needed large cryogenic tank, free from any maintenance or vacuum restoration regeneration for long durations. So, understandably, ISRO relied on INOXCVA to design and build 2 tanks with ultra-high levels of thermal isolation using multilayer super-insulation in combination with high vacuum. The tank V30507AS is 25m tall, 5m Dia, weighing ~127T, and is installed with Vacuum Jacketed outer piping valve skid meeting ISRO's operational requirements.
On a related matter, our readers may be reminded our last updates carried the successful supply and installation of 6x770m3 LNG Marine Fuel tanks on the ConRo ships project. INOXCVA is now, proudly executing contracts for 2x1000m3 LNG tanks for Marine Harvest Scotland Ltd. Leading from the front, INOXCVA demonstrates its capability & competence in meeting challenging requirements, globally.

GRAND OPENING OF INOXCVA New Service Center in Brazil   (17th March, 2016)

INOXCVA's new service center (South America) i n a u g u r a t i o n ceremony took place on 17th March 2016. Our facility in São Paulo is now bigger and even better. All major companies; Air Liquide, Praxair - White Martins, Linde attended this grand ceremony. Mayor of Indaiatuba Municipal graced the event. Our guests could witness several trailers on display, including the units manufactured to meet the Brazilian standards. They appreciated the excellent plumbing features, ergonomic positioning of valves, and overall product finish & quality. During the event Marcelo Leite - South America Sales Director shared information and timeline of accomplishments over the years by INOXCVA's Brazil facility, since its commencement in 2011.

INOXCVA to provide technology for India LNG terminal  (18th January, 2016)

Cryogenic engineering and equipment manufacturer INOXCVA will be providing cryogenics technologies along with associated equipment and project management for the upcoming FLNG terminal of LNG BHARAT, within the breakwaters of the Krishnapatnam Port on the east coast of India.
The floating LNG terminal, along with the associated Ennore-Nellore-Krishnapatnam gas pipeline, is being set-up by LNG Bharat Group, with a capacity of five million tonnes per annum. Overall, the project comprises an LNG floating storage, onshore buffer storage tank, re-gasification system, cryogenic truck loading bays and a 250km-long gas evacuation pipeline into the industrial hub of Chennai.
In addition to cryogenic technologies, terminal operations support is being discussed with Belgium-based LNG vessels provider EXMAR, Belgium and SPT (UK), gas marketing support with ENN, China, and pipeline support with China Petroleum Pipeline Company. Others in the LNG trade like Mitsui and Tokyo Gas are discussing associating in the equity of the project.
The project will cater to industrial regions spread over the southern districts of Andhra Pradesh, northern parts of Tamilnadu, Pondicherry, Telangana, and Karnataka states; the latter three states will be catered by LNG by cryogenic trucks.
It will be the first FSU-based LNG Terminal to have its own associated natural gas pipeline on the east coast of India, and is expected to be commissioned by the end of 2017. The project will help start the supply of natural gas to various industries at Krishnapatnam special economic zone (SEZ), Sri City SEZ, IFFCO SEZ and the industrial estates located in Manali, Mambattu, Gummidipoondi, as well as others areas. With manufacturing facilities in the US, Canada, India, Brazil and the Netherlands, INOXCVA efficiently caters to the air gas, LNG, cryo-scientific, oil and gas, and various other industries across the globe.

INOXCVA - LNG Marine Fuel tanks  (14th September, 2015)

INOXCVA has recently delivered the 2 sets of 3 x 770m3 LNG Marine Fuel tanks to TGE Marine Gas Engineering (Bonn, Germany) for Crowley Maritime Corporation's 2400 TEU ConRo ships project.
These tanks have been installed on to the under construction ConRo Ships at VT Halter Marine Shipyard in the USA. The combined LNG storage would be among the largest for LNG Fuel Gas systems and it will support operation of ME-GI main engine and auxiliary generators on natural gas in order to reduce harmful emissions to the atmosphere. The tanks are double walled vacuum insulated Type-C tanks with very high hold time, in excess of 58 days as compared to conventionally insulated LNG tanks which would normally hold for 8-10 days.
These ultra large fuel tanks were manufactured at INOXCVA's Kandla facility in India. INOXCVA has invested in state of the art facilities to manufacture these type of Fuel Gas Tanks and similar large tanks with high degree of quality, reliability and quicker lead times needed to meet the growing requirement for shorter overall project schedules.
Project partners involved during the critical phase of design, manufacture and supply of the tanks include Crowley (Owner), VT Halter Marine (Shipyard), MAN Diesel & Turbo (Main Contractor) DNV-GL (Class), USCG (Flag Country Authority) and TGE Marine Gas Engineering (Fuel System Designer and INOXCVA's direct customer).

INOXCVA inaugurates state-of-the-art Cryo-scientific Manufacturing Facility.  (3rd December, 2014)

On 1st December 2014, INOXCVA inaugurated its new state of the art manufacturing facility along with clean room at its manufacturing plant at Kalol, Dist. Panchmahal. This manufacturing facility, which has been specially developed by INOXCVA, is dedicated to cater the requirements of manufacturing and supplying ITER-Cryolines and in addition, the facility will also support manufacturing of special cryogenic equipment for other scientific organizations of Department of Atomic Energy, ISRO etc.  Recently, INOXCVA bagged a very prestigious contract of national importance, from ITER India, for manufacturing of cryogenic lines for transporting the cold helium and cold nitrogen through vacuum jacketed transfer lines from/to the cryogenic plant system of ITER to the reactor building, where the ITER Tokamak Machine will be in operation.
The plant was inaugurated by high level officials from IPR-ITER and Mr. P.K. Jain, Chairman & Managing Director of INOX India Pvt Ltd. Other dignitaries present were Mr. Parag Kulkarni , CEO, Mr. D V Acharya, COO, Mr R L Panjwani, President- Cryoscientific Division, Prof. P. K. Kaw (Department of Science and Technology (DST) Professor), Prof. Dhiraj Bora (Director, Institute for Plasma Research (IPR)), Dr. S. K. Jain (Former Chairman & Managing Director (NPCIL) and NPCIL Chair), Prof. Abhijit Sen (S. Chandrasekhar Chair – IPR), Prof. Y. C. Saxena (Senior Professor (Retired), Consultant – IPR), Dr. Shishir Deshpande (Project Director, ITER-India), Dr. B. Sarkar (Project manager – Cryoline & Cryo-distribution system, ITER-India), Mr. Nitin Shah (Technical responsible Officer – Cryoline system), Mr. Hitensinh Vaghela (Technical Responsible Officer – Cryodistribution system), Mr. Ritendra Bhattacharya (Technical Responsible Officer – Control System).
It is a moment of pride for India, since this is the first ever contribution of cryogenic equipment on such scale by an Indian company to an international project.

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Vadodara firm to boost fusion-powered electricity  (2nd December, 2014)

The ITER project, which will be world's largest experimental facility to demonstrate the scientific and technical feasibility of fusion power, is an international collaborative project worth 13 billion Euros and will be executed over 10 years with seven nation partners including India, China, European Union, Japan, Korea, Russia and the United States. After completion of the project, our world will be able to get electricity that is economical and free from carbon dioxide, claim the scientists.
Inox India Pvt Ltd had recently bagged the contract from ITER-India; a part of Gandhinagar based Institute for Plasma Research (IPR), which is the nodal agency responsible for the Indian portion of the international project in which scientific agencies of the seven countries are participating.
INOXCVA, part of Inox India Pvt Ltd, is amongst the largest manufacturers of standard & engineered cryogenic equipment serving leading international gas companies worldwide. The contract includes design and manufacturing of special pipelines which can retain cold fluid at minus 196 degree as well as minus 269 degree, will be factory-made at Kalol and installed at ITER site in Cadarche, France.
After bagging a Rs 300 crore order, INOXCVA set up a manufacturing facility at Kalol to manufacture multi-process pipe transfer lines with vacuum jacket for this experiment and specially created a ‘Cryo Scientific Division’ which has already completed the first assignment & were evaluated and approved by ITER-India successfully. Supply from Kalol plant which was inaugurated by a high level Delegation from IPR-ITER and chairman and Managing Director of Inox India Private Limited Shri P. K. Jain on Monday is envisaged to be completed by 2017 with completion of installation targeted by 2019.
Download attached document for ITER press releases

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A new phase, a new space.  (29th September, 2014)

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A synergy of Indian Space Research Organization and INOX India Private Limited, Vadodara  (14th August, 2014)

Storage of Liquid Hydrogen with minimum evaporation loss rate at Launch complex is always critical with respect to its cost and delivery schedules from the production plant close to the day of launch. Its criticality further increases in case of increased launch frequencies and for servicing advanced Launch vehicles. Hence it is very essential to establish the storage systems with capability of long term storage with minimum evaporation loss rate.

Due to limitation of suppliers across globe and uncertainty of delivery due to export regulations for such applications, Cryo team of LSSF- SHAR/ISRO had taken up the task of Indigenous development of Liquid Nitrogen (LIN) shielded 40000 liters Liquid Hydrogen Tank in association with INOX India Private Limited., Vadodara

28th July 2014 marked an important milestone for India, for Indian Space Research Organization and for INOXCVA. After laborious research & engineering man-hours from ISRO & INOXCVA teams, a road transportable, high efficiency LIN shielded 40000 liters Liquid Hydrogen Tank was designed & manufactured to meet stringent requirement of space research. This effort established an important milestone in technology development for realization of LIN shielded vessels in India.

To mark this momentous occasion, a function was planned at M/s Inox India at their Kalol works. Padmashree Dr M Y S Prasad (Director SHAR-ISRO) agreed to grace the occasion where Inox India Pvt Ltd. proudly handed over the Liquid Hydrogen tank to ISRO. Efforts of the team working on this project were appreciated.

A milestone in Cryogenic History

After successful completion of technology demonstration project for 15000 liters Liquid Hydrogen LIN shielded tank, ISRO awarded the project of high efficiency transportable LIN shielded 40000 liters Liquid Hydrogen tank to INOXCVA. This tank will be used to transport Liquid Hydrogen on road form ISRO’s Liquid Hydrogen production center to Launch Pad located around 700 km away.

Padmashree Dr. M Y S Prasad, Director SHAR-ISRO, who was invited to flag off the event said “…. the 40kl Liquid Hydrogen and is jointly designed and developed by SHRIHARIKOTA ISRO and INOXCVA and will be transported from here (Kalol, Gujarat) to SRIHARIKOTA. We will be using this tank for transporting Liquid Hydrogen which is required for our cryogenic stage preparation before launch of GSLV (Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle) in the future. Indian Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi has urged us to use Indian made products and this activity highlights this thought.  Till now we were using imported tanks from foreign countries but this is first time that we have designed and manufactured such a complex tank in India. So far only 3 foreign companies in the world namely USA, Russia & France make these complex tanks and today INOX INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED joined these 3 big companies in the world to manufacture such a tank indigenously. ISRO is happy to be part of such a prestigious project. Everyone worked hard for this project and I thank the whole team”.

This is the largest Liquid Hydrogen tank built in India using specialized technology and indigenous workforce.

Director  & CEO of INOX INDIA PVT LTD, Mr Parag. P. Kulkarni said, it is the proud moment for INOX to be part of this prestigious contribution to Indian space program. INOXCVA has always accepted challenges in the field of R&D and successfully added value to the indigenous development programs. With this major milestone, INOXCVA joins the elite club of very few countries and companies, having proven capability for producing such equipment … and actually involved in “rocket science & technology….!”

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INOXCVA contributes to world’s largest Fusion Energy Experiment  (7th August, 2014)

INOX INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED [INOXCVA] bags international cryo-scientific contract for ITER Project
Various laboratories in the world have successfully demonstrated the initiation of fusion reaction when two hydrogen isotopes fuse together to form Helium and produce heat during this nuclear reaction. To prove viability of such energy generation on industrial scale, global cooperation was initiated.
The Agency leading this global initiative, ITER   will be the world's largest experimental facility to demonstrate the scientific and technical feasibility of fusion power. The project, name ITER which also means “the way” in Latin, is being constructed presently at St. Paul-lez Durance, in the South of France.   The construction cost of ITER  is estimated at 13 billion Euros over ten years. A unique feature of this project is that it is being realized through in kind contribution from seven partners, namely,  China, EU, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and USA.  
  The Cryogenic technology will be extensively used  for the ITER project to create and maintain low-temperature conditions near absolute zero for the superconducting magnets, cryo-pumps to create vacuum  and some diagnostics systems.  Long and complex  Cryogenic transfer lines will be required for transporting the  cold power from  the source to the superconducting magnets as well as to  other systems.  Institute for Plasma Research has also made significant advancement in fusion technology with operation of the indigenously built Aditya and SST-1 Tokamak machines. ITER-India, a specially empowered group in the Institute for Plasma Research is executing the in-kind commitments to ITER for fulfilling the Indian contribution.  
INOX INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED has been awarded contract for providing part of the equipment for transporting the  cold energy through vacuum jacketed transfer lines to the cryogenic users, by ITER India.  It is a moment of pride for India, since this is first cryogenic contribution on such scale by an Indian company to an international project.
The contract includes Design, Manufacture of multi process pipe transfer lines with vacuum jacket to retain cold fluid and have them installed at ITER site in France.  The contract starts from 2014 and supply is envisaged to be completed by 2017 with installation by 2019. A major milestone envisaged in near future is the actual test of a real-sized mockup in a dedicated test-facility in IPR.
INOXCVA has been pushing the limits of cryogenic technology and is propelling it to new frontiers. Leveraging its cutting-edge engineering expertise and resources developed over the years of experience with clients in over 100 countries, the company has a large global market share and a product range that covers industrial gas, oil, gas field equipment, and LNG. Its cryogenic concepts and products have proven themselves for critical applications and are making a world of a difference in high-tech environments.
INOXCVA has specially created a CryoScientific Division to deal with specialized work and this Division has requisite infrastructure and engineering team to accomplish the challenges. This group has already completed the first assignment of designing prototype cryoline for the ITER project, which has been successfully evaluated and approved by international experts and therefore this group has been entrusted by ITER-India with execution of the Project.

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INOXCVA proud to be associated with TGE Marine’s projects for LNG marine fuel gas systems  (14th May, 2014)

Thursday, 08 May 2014 11:04 
INOXCVA has been awarded orders to supply the LNG Storage Tanks & installation of equipment in the tank connection space of LNG Fuel Gas packages by TGE Marine Germany.
The new contracts are for the supply of 6 Units of 770 M3  LNG Tanks for the Crowley Maritime Corporation’s  two ConRo ships (2400 TEU) to be built at VT Halter Marine Shipyard in the USA.
These units are fully shop-built Double Walled Vacuum  Insulated  Type  “C”  Tanks and would be built under strict compliance of DNV rules/IGC Code, ASME ‘U’ Stamp and with US Coast Guard approval. The tanks will be shipped in ready to install condition from INOXCVA’s world class, state of the art facilities located in Kandla Special Economic Zone, India directly to the VT Halter Marine Shipyard in USA.
The first contract is for Rolls Royce Marine AS project involving the conversion of an Oil Tanker to Natural Gas Fuel under BV Class. The contract consists of 155 m3 capacity two systems for LNG Marine Fuel Gas Units. 
“INOXCVA is proud to be associated with TGE Marine for these prestigious projects and is fully geared to take up the increasing opportunities coming from North America, Europe and Far East markets. We look forward to the exciting times ahead that both the companies see together in this segment” says Vijay Kalaria - Asst. Vice President at INOXCVA responsible for this business.

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INOXCVA strengthens presence in Europe  (28th February, 2014)

INOXCVA strengthens presence in Europe
27 Feb 2014 | By Rob Cockerill
With the launch of its new range of Xe tanks for Europe in November 2013, INOXCVA has announced its entry into the European industrial gases industry.
Now, gasworld exclusively reports the establishment of INOXCVA Europe BV based in Alblasserdam, Netherlands.
The facility, located near Rotterdam, is well connected by rail, sea and roads and is the hub of INOXCVA’s presence in Europe – and already functioning. The company is offering Xe tanks, ex-stock for local purchase by European buyers, and is well organised to offer all support and services, inland transportation, installation and commissioning and, if requested, the approval of installation by notified bodies.
The company has also announced the appointment of Nicolai von Dellingshausen as Manager Sales – Europe. During his 12 years’ experience he has acquired strong leadership capabilities in business development, key account management, and sales and marketing, with his last nine years spent at the Westfalen Group.
INOXCVA believes these ‘positive steps forward’ in the European industrial gas market will bring the company closer to its customers and enable local service support.
Press Release by gasworld

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SPECIAL FEATURE on Cryogenic tanks : Evolving the cold converter  (24th February, 2014)

SPECIAL FEATURE on Cryogenic tanks : Evolving the cold converter (gasworld Feb 2014 issue)
In the air gas industry the distribution of liquefied air took off in a major way during the 1980s and 1990s. From the ASU via trailers or railcars, to filling stations or end-users where cold converters were awaiting, the basic solutions were found and implemented.
From 2000-2010 the market went through a phase of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity whereby competition grew and yet became increasingly refined, with more optimised cryogenic tank solutions developed as a result of changing demands.
For the industry this has been an evolutionary process. The basic tank function has been the same, but there have been ways of maximising the payload on trailers and increasing rail/road/sea flexibility with containers. Within cold converters the evolution has meant standardisation on 18 and 36 bar MAWP, plus a flow schematic that fulfills most needs. The trend has been to regard cold converters as commodity, to simply buy at the regional/global price curve in price per litre.
So, is it possible to design a new cold converter range that is truly more useful?
Read the whole article ...

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INOXCVA new vertical storage tank launched- Xe Series  (26th November, 2013)

INOXCVA has launched its new vertical storage tank - specifically designed, tested and approved with the European industrial gas market in mind - called Xe Series.
The new Xe tank presents several innovative design features, according to the company. Handling and operation have been optimised and greatly simplified, this new tank range from the company’s state-of-the-art workshops in Gujarat, India, is sturdier, more practical, more competitive, and highly aesthetic.
Its neatly encased control panel is designed for the users own preference on instruments (e.g. telemetry). As an added service from the company, it will hold a stock of tanks in various sizes in the Netherlands.
The Xe series is engineered for high performance & extended hold time in compliance with Eurocode 8 Design.
The Single Crane Lifting with SS lifting lugs makes installation a one-lift process saving time and resources. The efficient aluminum Flat Fin PBU (to avoid ice accumulation) is a great feature for colder climates. Our tank’s easier visual control with optimum valve configuration (180 degree) and Burst discs as a secondary safety device ensures safe operation & maintenance.
Xe are assembled with state-of-the-art fabrication techniques for maximum strength and coated by high quality surface finish with durable gloss painting.
Xe Tanks designed to EN-13458, PED 97/23/CE compliant is simpler, safer and sturdier.
Press Release by gasworld 

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INOXCVA amongst the prime sponsors at gasworld MENA Industrial Gas Conference in Dubai   (18th October, 2013)

The event has already attracted major sponsors including Middle East Speciality Gases Company Gulf Cryo and global manufacturer of standard & engineered cryogenic equipment INOXCVA.
Mr Savir Julka, Vice President - Marketing at INOXCVA commented "Networking and creating new associations is what makes events such as these so significant. This is also a great occasion for us to interact extensively with our esteemed customers in the region The MENA industrial gases market is continuing to grow despite political unrest within the region. INOXCVA is delighted to be amongst the prime sponsors of gasworld's largest Middle East and North Africa Conference, helping industry professionals come together from the region to network and form fruitful lasting connections."
gasworld is a publishing company supporting the industrial gas industry. The company publishes a monthly 56-page glossy magazine, and holds two conferences per year in a region of opportunity for the gas business. 

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INOXCVA is a part of ‘Hidden Gems’; a series conducted by Forbes India Magazine  (28th August, 2013)

INOXCVA amongst the country's ‘Hidden Gems’ in a series conducted by Forbes India Magazine. The best 12 to 20 companies in India who have a robust business model and a great future ahead are featured in this series.

The US shale boom and some smart acquisitions have propelled the firm to great heights

Think Inox, think movies, right? Not in this case -far from it. Promoted by the DK Jain family, also the owners of the popular multiplex chain, Inox India is a specialised engineering company that manufactures cryogenic storage equipment and transportation tanks.
Forbes India Magazine
September 2013 issue

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INOXCVA - Creating value through synergy   (18th June, 2013)

Creating value through synergy
An interview with INOXCVA Director and CEO Parag P. Kulkarni discusses the rise of the INOX group of companies and why the future is so bright for the cryogenic distribution business.
At the heart of every good business strategy is a value proposition. When the INOX Group created INOX INDIA in early 1992, the value proposition was to manufacture high quality cryogenic storage and transportation equipment, available locally in the Indian/global market and at a competitive price.
gasworld magazine
June 2013 issue

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INOXCVA South America - New Manufacturing Facility  (9th November, 2012)

INOXCVA Constructing Cryogenic Equipment Manufacturing Facility in South America.
The company has begun construction of a facility to manufacture cryogenic storage, distribution and vaporization equipment to supply the South American industrial gases and LNG markets. The facility is being built on an 84,000 sq. meter plot of land in the Campinas region of Sao Paulo, Brasil.  The planned start-up for the facility is the second half of 2013.
INOXCVA initiated operations in South America in June of 2011 with its’ formation of INOXCVA South America and the start-up of its cryogenic maintenance and repair center in Indaiatuba, Brasil.  “Operating in the region, over the last year and a half, has provided a unique opportunityfor us to understand our customers’ needs and the challenges they face, which are specific to the region,” said Joe Farach who heads INOXCVA South America.  “By manufacturing locally, we will help our customers be more competitive, providing them with equipment that is designed and manufactured to meet their specific needs.”

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Expansion plans boosted by investment  (19th October, 2012)

Expansion plans boosted by investment
19 Oct 2012 | By Rob Cockerill
The expansion plans of INOXCVA received a boost recently when Standard Chartered Private Equity (SCPE) invested $45m approx. in a minority stake in the company. The cryogenic storage and transportation equipment manufacturer plans to use the newly injected funds for its organic expansion plans and potential acquisitions.

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Standard Chartered Private Equity Invests INR 2500mn (US$ 45mn) in INOXCVA   (22nd August, 2012)

INOXCVA gains $45m investment
Standard Chartered Private Equity (SCPE) has invested INR 2,500m (US$ 45m) for a minority stake in Inox India Private Limited (INOXCVA), a leading global manufacturer of cryogenic storage and transportation equipment.
Cryogenic storage equipment is a precision engineering product used for storage and distribution of liquefied gases used in industrial applications. The advent of shale gas as a fuel source has also resulted in strong demand for cryogenic storage equipment for liquefied natural gas (LNG) across the globe, especially in the US. INOXCVA, as a top five global player in cryogenic equipment manufacturing, is well placed to leverage these growth opportunities.

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10 minutes with...Savir Julka  (14th June, 2012)

June 2012 | By Rob Cockerill
gasworld took 10 minutes out this month to catch-up with Savir Julka, Vice-President of Marketing, INOXCVA and learnt more about the company’s increasing global outreach and in particular, it’s activities in the US market.

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Brazilian project nears completion but more planned for INOXCVA  (6th February, 2012)

 Brazilian project nears completion but more planned for INOXCVA
6 Feb 2012 | By Jane Dawson
After announcing its entry into the Brazilian industrial gas market in June 2011, INOXCVA has revealed that the first phase of the project is complete. In an exclusive interview the company also offered updates on further expansion plans.

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Encouraging signs – Cryogen-Expo 2011  (21st November, 2011)

Encouraging signs – Cryogen-Expo 2011
21 Nov 2011
Over 1000 delegates attended the annual Cryogen-Expo event being held at the ExpoCentre in Moscow. A record number of international exhibitors attended the three day event, which focused on cryogenic technologies within the growing industrial gases business within Russia and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).

According to organiser Vladimir Bannikov, General Manager of Mir Expo, the event had attracted a record 80 exhibitors from 15 countries, of which 35 were international based. He stated, “The event has been growing year to year and it is a pleasure to see such a high attendance from international exhibitors - some attending for the first time.”

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INOXCVA expands Texas cryo facility  (6th September, 2011)

 INOXCVA has expanded its Ameriport facility in Baytown, Texas. According to the Indian firm the investment reflects growing demand for cryogenic storage and distribution equipment. 

It is hoped that by making these adjustments, the company will be better placed to meet customer commitments in the present and future.

The unit boasts 42,000 square footage and a 60 foot ceiling in order to house the two site cranes. These alone boast 50 foot hook height and weigh a staggering 50 tons each.

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Breaking into Brazil: INOXCVA takes leap closer to customers  (17th June, 2011)

17 Jun 2011 | By Jane Dawson

Barely minutes ago, INOXCVA announced publicly that it will open a South American division imminently. The news was publicised at day two of gasworld’s Latin American Industrial Gas conference.

INOX delivered the news during its company sponsored delegate lunch held at the grounds of Rio de Janeiro’s Windsor Barra Hotel. Savir Julka, Vice President for the firm whetted the crowd’s appetite before handing over, “As you know INOXCVA has been very active in this region for five years now. Putting a smile on our customers’ faces has been at the forefront of our work, and we believe that it can only get better by coming closer to them in the best way that we can.”

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Glimpsing brilliance in Brazil – Latin America Conference Preview  (25th May, 2011)

 Glimpsing brilliance in Brazil – Latin America Conference Preview
25 May 2011 | By Jane Dawson
Regular gasworld readers will be well aware of the Latin American conference that is due to take place this month. But on the eve of the second ever industrial gas conference for the region, gasworld pauses to consider just what makes Latin America so appealing and why so many key gas figures will be travelling thousands of miles to Rio de Janeiro this June.

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LNG project for General Motors is Commissioned by INOX India.  (30th September, 2010)

INOX  recently partnered with BPCL and carmaker GM to develop LNG   facility at the Halol  car manufacturing Plant. INOX Offered  Complete   logistic solutions including storage, transport and re-gasification of   LNG from BPCL,s LNG terminal at Dahej Port to  GM’S Halol Plant, Using   Cryogenic storage and distribution solutions  From INOX India.

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GM India inaugurates LNG facility at Halol  (23rd September, 2010)

General Motors India on Wednesday inaugurated an LNG facility at its Halol plant in Gujarat for gas supply to its manufacturing plant. The new facility is a result of an agreement between General Motors India, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) and INOX India for the supply, re-gasification and final delivery of LNG at the company's plant

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INOX India Acquires CVA  (11th February, 2010)

INOX India, Pvt Ltd. ( and Cryogenic Vessel Alternatives (CVA) ( have announced that INOX has acquired the majority of shares of CVA, located in Mont Belvieu, TX. Both INOX and CVA will continue to offer their customers products and service, now with enhanced product offerings worldwide.

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INOX India acquires majority interest in CVA, US  (30th December, 2009)

INOX India Private Limited, India’s largest cryogenic engineering company, has acquired majority interest in Cryogenic Vessel Alternatives (CVA), the world’s largest manufacturer of cryogenic transportation equipment.....

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Delegates attend Inox India registration event at Abu Dhabi   (22nd November, 2009)

Delegates attend Inox India registration event at Abu Dhabi
22 Nov 2009 | By Katie Hill
Most of the Gasworld conference delegates have now arrived in Abu Dhabi and have spent their first evening enjoying a cocktail party in the grounds of the Beach Rotana Hotel, courtesy of Inox India.

Today has seen a steady stream of delegates through the doors of the Beach Rotana Hotel, as they arrive from all over the world to attend gasworld’s ‘Industrial Gases – Adding Value to End-Users’ 2009 Middle East conference.

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INOX India - A cryogenic distribution equipment manufacturing company  (23rd March, 2007)

INOX India Pvt Ltd was established in 1992, in technical collaboration with Nippon Sanso Corporation, Japan, to manufacture standard cryogenic products. Experts from Nippon Sanso worked very closely with INOX India to set up cryogenic tank manufacturing. Nippon Sanso therefore provided the backbone of engineering and quality systems for INOX India to grow

INOX India Sponsors of second lunch day and promotional

INOX India Pvt Ltd. is an ISO 9001-2000 & OHSAS 18001 certified company focused in providing turn-key system solutions in the field of storage, distribution and transportation of cryogenic liquefied industrial gases such as Liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, N2O, CO2 and LNG.
News & Event

INOX Group feels honored & privileged in becoming a part of India's Olympic dream! We are looking forward to the Indian contingent scaling new heights

INOX India to supply Cryogenic Flexible Cryolines to ITER.

INOXCVA Storage tanks adding value to Air Liquide Brasil Operations to support medical fraternity tirelessly fighting the covid19

INOXCVA 13000 liters storage tank & vaporizer unit getting dispatched for installation at Hospital in Pune.

INOXCVA congratulates Messer gases Brazil in the endeavour to support medical fraternity tirelessly fighting the covid19. Heart warming to see INOXCVA Portacryos, IMOs and REGAS units adding value to Messer Gases Brasil Operations.

INOXCVA's partnership with Shell_India was put up at Reuters Building, Times Square, Manhattan, NY! Proud moment indeed for all of us!

2020 Starts with a Showstopper...!

INOXCVA is happy to be associated with Gasworld as Bronze Sponsor at gasworld MENA Industrial Gas Conference in Dubai 9~11th December 2019 held at Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City, Dubai Visit Booth #10

INOXCVA completed 22 years of association with ISRO

INOXCVA was one of the sponsors at CEOs forum promoted by the India Brazil Chamber of Commerce held on 15th Aug, 2019.

Bronze Sponsor at GWASIA 2019

AIIGMA 41st SEMINAR ON INDUSTRIAL GASES 11~14th March, 2019. Booth No. 4 & 5. in Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel, Turkey.

Interview in Weldfeb Tech Times of INOXCVA Welding Engineer Jooi Bhatt.

INOXCVA-Cryo Scientific division manufacturing of the ITER cryolines

INOXCVA participated at gasworld CO2 Summit in Innsbruck, 12~13th March, 2019 at The Interalpen-Hotel, Tyrol, Austria.

INOX India wins Corporate Cricket Tournament organized by LIC of India in Vadodara.

Participated at gasworld Asia Pacific Conference 2018 at KL, Malaysia 3~5th Dec 2018. GWAsia2018

INOXCVA celebrating XXV year of Excellence. Organised Vendors' Meet in Vadodara on 21st April, 18

INOXCVA attends CGA Annual Meeting 2019 at PGA National, Palm Beach Gardens, FL as guest invitee.

INOXCVA Ms. Bhumika Joshi & Ms. Dipali Vaidya featured in Cold Facts issue article on outstanding Women in Cryogenics and Superconductivity.

INOXCVA celebrated XXV year of Excellence. Honorable Chief Guest Mr. Pavan Kumar Jain & Mr. Siddharth Jain

INOXCVA associate with Vadodara International Marathon 2017


INOXCVA commissioned its GoLNG facility at Bharat Wire Ropes (BWR) near Dhule, Maharashtra.


INOXCVA is committed to provide an environment friendly and safe solutions. it has taken lead in small scale LNG application development and its commercialization. ...



Industrial Gas Division - Engineered package systems
Turnkey Solutions for Engineered Packaged Systems Cryogenic Liquid Storage & Vaporization ...






INOXCVA to provide cryogenics technology for upcoming LNG terminal at Krishnapatnam port, India - Gasworld
Cryogenic engineering and equipment manufacturer INOXCVA will be providing cryogenics technologies along with associated equipment and project management for the upcoming FLNG terminal of LNG BHARAT, within the breakwaters of the Krishnapatnam Port o...

High Capacity LNG Semi-Trailers: 40,000 ~ 60,000 Liters

Marine LNG Fuel Systems: meeting greater challenges

Showcase: Gasworld MENA Conference Dubai

INOXCVA ISO IMO7 tank container for LIN/LOX/LAR/CO2/LNG services - best in class with highest capacity >22kl and longest holding time ~120 days...

INOXCVA organized a ‘Product Training Seminar’ for their fastest selling product ~ Liquid Cylinders for West Zone customers at Mumbai


INOXCVA completes supply of 3 x 770m3 LNG Marine Fuel Tanks for a prestigious Project

INOXCVA builds ‘Buffer Vessels’ for a prestigious client within a record time of three months.

20' ISO Tank Container

2000/3000 USG Offshore Skid Tanks DNV certified rugged frame and accessories for Oil well services.

INOXCVA thanks its customers as it delivers its 10000th tank

INOXCVA presents Micro-bulk selection guide & options at AIIGMA Regional Summit on ‘Packaged Industrial Gases – the Future’

ISRO appreciates Liquid Hydrogen Tank built by INOXCVA

International conference that enriches and enlightens

Nitrogen - Fluid Combi Pumping units offer better space utilization, improved ergonomics between and quicker pump priming.

770m3 LNG Fuel tanks from INOXCVA with BV Marine Class & IGF/IGC codes compliance and certifications for TGE Marine’s Crowley Project.

New Plasma welding machine at INOXCVA, Mont Belvieu, Texas provides higher quality welding, saves time and cost.

Microcyl & Portacryo

INOXCVA - Forerunner in Semi-Trailers for Ethylene service.

‘Microcyl’ - mini storage units from INOXCVA, get European users excited, with its performance, versatile & compact design. Upto 24bar options in 150 to 450 liters.

‘Portacryo’ - mini storage units from INOXCVA, get European users excited, with its performance, versatile & compact design. Upto 38bar options in 1, 1.5, 2 & 3kl.

INOXCVA attends the 37th All India Industrial Gases Manufacturers Association (AIIGMA) Seminar held at Chennai from 1st to 3rd Feb 2015.

Expanding the Cryo Scientific knowledge frontiers

INOXCVA makes its presence felt at the Asia-Pacific Industrial Gas Conference 2014 (17th to 19th November 2014)

A new phase, a new space (19th September 2014)

A synergy of Indian Space Research Organization and INOX India Private Limited, Vadodara (14th August 2014)

INOXCVA contributes to world’s largest Fusion Energy Experiment (7th August 2014)

INOXCVA walks away with the

INOXCVA participates at 36th Seminar on Industrial Gases organized by AIIGMA at Bangkok (13 - 15th April 2014)

INOXCVA GoLNG Team participates in the LNG Asia Summit at Indonesia (23 - 25 April 2014)

INOXCVA announces establishment of INOXCVA EUROPE B.V. at Alblasserdam, NL

World LNG Fuels 2014 delegates visit manufacturing unit of INOXCVA at Baytown in USA

INOXCVA amongst the GOLD SPONSORS at the World LNG Fuels 2014, Houston Texas.

Open Days in January for Xe Series Tank Viewing at Alblasserdam, NL

INOXCVA launches new tank - Xe Series, made for Europe

INOXCVA as Sponsors at the gasworld MENA Industrial Gas Conference at Dubai ( 3 - 5 December 2013)

CRYOSEAL to participate in World Dairy Expo at Wisconsin, U.S.A (1 -5 October 2013)

42nd National safety Week Celebration - 4th – 10th March 2013 at Kalol Plant

CRYOSEAL- Small Product Big Leap

National Safety Week Celebration (4-10th March’13)



INOXCVA participates in Gasworld conference at Miami, U.S

Kalol Unit augments its capacity

Accolades for INOXCVA

INOXCVA participates and jointly organizes AIIGMA’s fourth Safety Goals Workshop at Delhi

New Transport Tank shed of INOXCVA at Kalol inaugurated

INOXCVA jointly organizes ‘Safety First’ workshop with AIIGMA at Srinagar

Standard Chartered Private Equity Invests INR 2500mn (US$ 45mn) in INOXCVA

Propelling ahead with LNG
INOXCVA Successfully installs on site LNG facilities in Rajasthan and Maharashtra ...

Reinforcing our global presence
INOXCVA makes its presence felt in South East Asia ...

INOXCVA completes Phase 2 expansion of Ameriport facility in Baytown, Texas...

INOXCVA participates in Middle East Conference 2011
Almost four years to the day since gasworld hosted its first industrial gas conference in the Middle East, the forum for discussion and debate returns to Dubai this week as the eighth international gasworld conference gets underway. With the stunn...

INOXCVA First Rail Car Shipped out ...

CVA Expanded Facility At Ameriport
CVA expanded its facility at Ameriport in Baytown, Texas (USA) ...


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