ISO Tank Container

Capacity:   6000 litres - 12000 litres. 1585 gallons - 3170 gallons
Pressure:  240psig - 114psig
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  • Multimodal IMO7 cryogenic tank container for land, marine and rail transportation of LIN, LOX, LAR, LCO2, LN2O, LNG & other services
  • Efficient super insulation for optimum performance
  • Ergonomic piping & easy to operate valves in rugged valve cabinet
  • Ergonomic designed piping layout for ease of access, operation & maintenance
  • Long lasting high quality surface finish and paint
  • Reliable design & support system for rough transportation conditions
  • Inner vessel & outer vessel of austenitic stainless steel
  • Design for maximum payload & product hold time
  • Bellow sealed vacuum measuring valve and protected vacuum gauge tube
  • Fire control or emergency shutoff valve
  • Inner vessel safety valve with flow diverter valve for easy maintenance without depressurization
  • IVAC vacuum retention methodology
  • Pressure transfer system with ambient pressure build coil
  • Secondary relief device
  • Carbon steel outer jacket
  • P & ID for LCO2
  • Flow metering system with printer
  • Transfer Pump with discharge pressure gauge
  • Vapor recovery connection
  • Pressure control vent regulator
  • PBU Force feed

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