Jan 2017

  • INOXCVA USA builds Special Design LH2 Storage tank for HP Pumping Application
  • INOXCVA – A Step Ahead in Safety & Quality : 1) Quality Requirements in Fusion Welding of Welding of
    Metallic Materials under ISO 3834-2, 2) ISO 9001-2015 re-certification & 3) ASME re-certification at INOXCVA
  • Presenting & Showcasing a Wide Range of Products and capabilities : 1) GASWORLD Bangkok, 6th~8th Dec, 2016 2) 2nd International LNG Congress, Hamburg, 28th~29th Nov, 2016
  • Visit of ISRO Chairman Mr. A. S. Kiran Kumar to INOXCVA
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Oct 2016

  • EXPERTS’ ASSESSMENT: Dr. John Weisend II, Deputy Head of Accelerator Projects at The European Spallation Source ESS, Sweden
  • LNG Storage & ReGas customer station system at Bharat Wire Ropes (BWR) near Dhule, Maharashtra
  • PRODUCT FOCUS : Food, Beverage & INOXCVA…!!!
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July 2016

  • Cryogenic Engine Testing in high altitude Test (HAT) Mode for IPRC, ISRO, Mahendragiri
  • Vertical LNG Fuel Gas Tanks - 130 M3
  • As small as it can get - Mini LNG Fuel Gas Tank for Inland water ships
  • Gasworld - Düsseldorf, 20 - 22 June, 2016
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April 2016

  • 26TH International Cryogenic Engineering Conference 2016
  • GoLNG Logs 2.5 Million Miles
  • INOXCVA Participates in 38th Seminar of Industrial Gas - Colombo
  • Grand Opening Ceremony of INOXCVA New service center in Brazil.
  • PRODUCT FOCUS : MICROCYL - Portable Cyldiner : 450 LITRE
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Jan 2016

  • Marine LNG Fuel Systems: Meeting Greater Challenges
  • GoLNG by INOXCVA: Bridges Energy Needs with Low Cost Clean Fuel
  • One Year Journey-Cryo Scientific Excellence 
  • Showcase: Gasworld Mena Conference Dubai
  • High Capacity LNG Semi-Trailers: 40,000~60,000 Liters
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Oct 2015

  • INOXCVA sucessfully completes supply of 3 X 770MLNG Marine Fuel Tanks
  • Beyond Cryogenics 
  • INOXCVA Imparts Product Training to Customers
  • INOXCVA 'Cryoseal' LN2 Containers Serve Europe
  • Product Focus: INOXCVA LCO2Vertical Storage Tanks 
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July 2015

  • INOXCVA – Forerunner in Semi-Trailers for Ethylene Service
  • Welding new possibilities: Plasma welding machine
  • Creating more space for more productivity: Nitrogen / Fluid Combi Pumping
  • Raising Quality Benchmarks: GoLNG Storage & Regasification System
  • ISRO appreciates Hydrogen Tank built by INOXCVA
  • LNG Fuel Tanks for the Marine Industry
  • ‘Cryoseal’ Wide Mouth Containers launched & order bagged
  • INOXCVA achieves ‘Safety’ milestone
  • International Conference that enriches & enlightens: Gasworld (Budapest)
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April 2015

  • INOXCVA'S Cryo-scientific excellence now a notch higher
  • Expanding the Knowledge Frontiers
  • Presenting & showcasing a wide range of products and capabilities
  • Specialised Products Designed to Perfection
  • INOXCVA Caters to the Oilfield & Offshore Services Markets
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Sep 2014

  • Powering the future with Fusion: INOX India Pvt Ltd bags international Cryo Scientific Contract for ITER
  • Safety & Quality: Benchmarks of our success
  • A new Phase - A new Space: INOXCVA moves to a new corporate office
  • Synergizing the space research: a synergy of ISRO and INOX India Pvt Ltd, Vadodara
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Apr 2014

  • INOXCVA felicitated by Mahindra and Mahindra.
  • INOXCVA walks away with the ‘Best Welding Engineer of India’ award
  • PT GOLNG makes its presence felt at LNG Asia Summit in Indonesia
  • INOXCVA participates in AIIGMA’s 36th Seminar on Industrial Gases at Bangkok
  • INOXCVA proud to be associated with TGE Marine’s projects for LNG Marine Fuel Gas Systems
  • HSE – A Productivity Tool
  • Commissioning of GoLNG facility at SHPL, Jodhpur.
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Jan 2014

  • Xe Series: The new generation storage tanks
  • Xe Series: Local purchase from INOXCVA Depot at NL, Europe
  • INOXCVA amongst Prime Sponsors at gasworlds's MENA Conference at Dubai in Dec'13
  • Go LNG fuelling the Automobile Industry
  • Semi-Trailers: Adding value through innovation 
  • Meet us at: Upcoming CGI & gasworld's conferences in 2014
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Sep 2013

  • INOXCVA Technology now in higher Orbit: Cryogenic LOX Cooler
  • Keeping up the Spirit of exceeding expectations: Cryogenic Catch Tanks for liquid oxygen & hydrogen
  • A step ahead for INOXCVA Trailers at South America
  • Design: Innovation comes to the fore: Rigid chassis transport tanks
  • Cryoseal finds international audience at Indonesia & Africa 
  • Product Focus: 20' ISO Tank (multimodal)
  • Fleet of INOX products adding value to SUPAGAS operations
  • INOXCVA participates in international conferences at U.S.A, Dubai & Thailand 
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May 2013

  • INOXCVA celebrates '42nd National Safety Week' celebration at its Kalol Manufacturing Unit. 
  • LNG Team conducts a mock drill at Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) Luvara, Bharuch
  • Small Product. Big Leap : CRYOSEAL (Liquid Nitrogen Containers) gains 10 fold increase in the export market
  • INOXCVA among the Sponsors of the '3rd Annual European LNG fuelled Shipping Summit' 
  • Product Focus: MAXCYL (Microbulk Storage Unit) 
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Jan 2013

  • Construction begins at INOXCVA's new manufacturing facility at Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • INOXCVA receives BEST VENDOR Award in the packaging category for Disposible Cylinders
  • INOXCVA participates in Domestic & International Gas Conferences
  • INOXCVA introduces a world class 250-ton Press with Auto Manipulator 
  • INOXCVA conducts BOLT intervention program for Leadership Training
  • Product Focus: MICROCYL (static/ mobile storage cylinder upto 250 litre capacity)
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Oct 2012

  • Standard Chartered Private Equity invests INR 2,500mn (45mn US$) in INOXCVA
  • New Transport Tank shop inaugrated at Kalol
  • INOXCVA jointly organizes 'SAFETY FIRST' Workshop with AIIGMA at Srinagar, Kashmir
  • INOXCVA THERMOSIPHON TANKS aim at achieving near ZERO gas losses
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Jul 2012

  • INOXCVA completes PHASE II expansion of Ameriport facility in Teax (U.S.A)
  • INOXCVA makes its presencefelt as an exhibitor at gasworld's first ever Conference in South East Asia
  • INOXCVA participates in SAFETY Workshop conducted by AIIGMA at Kochi
  • INOXCVA celebrates ANNUAL DAY with all employees at Vadodara
  • INOXCVA celebrates 'World Blood Donor Day' in partnership with S.S.G Hospital, Vadodara
  • Propelling ahead with successful LNG installations in Rajasthan & Maharastra  
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Jun 2012

  • Propelling ahead with Kaizen
  • INOXCVA employees trained for LNG transfer operation & Safety fittings
  • INOXCVA launches a new range of Semi- Trailers in Asia with the highest payload. 
  • INOXCVA's Kalol facilty being expanded to hold a new facility: welding macinery 
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Feb 2012

  • INOXCVA re-awarded KGSC (Korea Gas Safety Co) Certification after Quality Audit successfully conducted.
  • INOXCVA continues expansion with Facilities at Sao Paulo in Brazil & Kandla SEZ, Bhuj.
  • INOXCVA participates in various Domestic & Global Gas exhibitions 
  • INOXCVA's new LNG Mobile Refuelling Station 
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Sep 2011

  • INOXCVA serving customers in South America
  • INOXCVA expands new facility at Ameripirt, Texas (U.S.A)
  • INOXCVA proudly announce CRYOGENIC RAIL CARS
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Oct 2010

  • AIIGMA & INOXCVA organise Workshop on "Safety, New applications and advancements in Liquid Transport and Storage 
  • NATURAL GAS: Now beyond Pipelines!
  • INOXCVA's LNG Customer Station at GENERAL MOTORS, Halol
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Aug 2010

  • A MILESTONE in Cryogenic History 
  • INOX INDIA successfully commissions prestigious project in Algeria 
  • INOXCVA offers a wide range of Oilfield Equipment
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Jan 2010

  • INOX INDIA PVT LTD at gasworld's Middle East Conference 
  • INOX INDIA's In-house facilty for Dished Ends
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Jul 2009

  • Inox India presents Horizontal Skid Type Transportable version
  • Inox India provides tech expertise at welding institute forum at Vadodara
  • Europe gets the feel of INOX INDIA in ACHEMA 2009 at Frankfurt, Germany
  • Compania Paraguaya de Oxigeno SA is a happy customer 
  • Liquid Delivery Total Solution: Inox's rugged Transport Tanks for transporting varing quantities of cryogenic liquids
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Apr 2009

  • INOX INDIA participates & hosts Lunch at gasworld's conference in Jan 2009
  • INOX INDIA achieves another milestone (turnkey projects) : ASU at Bokaro Steel Plant inaugrated
  • INOX INDIA participates in 31st NSIG conducted by AIIGMA at Delhi. Former President of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam impressed by achievements
  • INOX INDIA provides solutions for "Network Independant" Distribution of LNG 
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Jan 2009

  • INOX INDIA offers Turnkey Solutions & Developmental Initiatives for Cryogenics in Scientific & Industrial Research and Applications
  • Inox India participated in the 22nd National Symposium on Cryogenics at Bangalore to celebrate 100 years of Helium Liquefication
  • Semi Trailers from Inox India for transportation of Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen, Oxygen & Argon
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Sep 2008

  • INOX INDIA contributes to meet energy demands of remote areas, supplies 20ft ISO mobile LNG tank to NORDFJORDEID, Norway  
  • Fabrication & welding units get centrally managed (LCO2 systems). Recent installations at Cochin Shipyard Ltd and Hyundai Motors India Ltd, Chennai
  • Air Liquid places their trust once again on INDIA INDIA for quality, timely delivery & deadlines for global projects
  • Product Focus: Steam Heated Water Bath Vaporizer
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Jan 2007

  • "Ground Breaking Ceremony" at Kandla Special Economic Zone (KASEZ) on 22nd Jan 2007
  • INOX INDIA offers Cryogenic Systems for SPACE APPLICATIONS
  • Cryogenic Gas Fuels for SATELITTE LAUNCHERS
  • Transport Solutions: Semi-Trailers vs Chassis mounted Tankers
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Jul 2006

  • INOX INDIA continues its global reach
  • New!! Ethylene Storage & Vaporisation System 
  • Inox India supports India Space Programme by suppling LOX & LIN storage facility
  • Inox India's ASU Projects for Essar & Bokaro Steel Plant Project
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Apr 2006

  • Inox India presents paper on ' Gases for the 21st century: major equipment using Gases for Space Exploration'  at the 28th NSIG organzied by AIIGMA at New Delhi
  • Inox India's paper presented at the Workshop on Cryo Science & Technology was very well received
  • Inox India develops PORTACRYO
  • Microbulk Distribution Systems, an efficient edge over conventional gas cylinders, cylinder packs & liquid cylinders 
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Feb 2004

  • Inox India displays PORTACRYO at the NWS 2003 (National Wleding Seminar) at Baroda
  • Inox India's new product: PORTACRYO a major attraction at the 26th NSIG conducted by AIIGMA at Jaipur
  • Ethylene Vaporizers supplied at Mumbai
  • Inox India ties up with leading international manufacturers of cryo accessories: Cryostar, Johnsen Ultravac & Advanced Research Systems Inc.
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Nov 2003

  • Inox India successfully exports Semi Trailers to Middle Eastern companies
  • Inox India supplies Liquid Nitrogen Tank for a Fertilizers Project to AIR LIQUID, Australia 
  • Inox India breaks records, supplies to Govt of Assam: 9 Liquid Nitrogen Tanks, 4 Tanks & 1725 CRYOSEAL Containers
  • Kerela Minerals & Metals Ltd applaudes Inox India Pvt Ltd for completion of work in record time
  • Inox spreads its wings and soars
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Aug 2003

  • Inox India supplied 2 Mini Cryo Tanks to support a humanitarian rehabilitation process in Afghanistan 
  • 'Purging' Projects in the Pipeline
  • Inox India Pvt Ltd awarded the prestigious Certificate of Recognition as an 'Export House'
  • Inox India included in internationally recognized Dun & Bradstreet Global Database
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Apr 2003

Healthy reactions in Pharma Labs: Mini-Cryo & Gaspacks
Metal meets Oxygen 
Inox India supplied and installed the LIN Storage Tank for BPCL's purging operations
Inox India Pvt Ltd supplied the entire LCO2 Storage & Vaporization System package on a turnkey basis
Inox India now an established name for Turnkey Project Management, Worldwide
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Jan 2003

  • Inox India successfully executes challenging international projects
  • Inox India's CRYOSEAL aims high in various state level Animal Husbandry - Animal Insemination Programs 
  • Inox India makes an impression at ICEC 19 at France 
  • Dos & Donts: Precaustions to be taken 'During liquid transportation (Oxygen) in case of leakage/accident'
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Jun 2002

  • Global opportunities for Inox India Pvt Ltd
  • INOX INDIA lends helping hand to World Bank assisted UP diversified Agriculture Support Project. Supplies 1400 CRYOSEAL Liquid Nitrogen Containers
  • Re-certification from BVQI for ISO 9001:2000 from UKAS (European) and ANSI-RAB (American) 
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Jan 2002

  • Hospitals on Oxygen: installation of Inox's Minicryo & Gaspack Models
  • First of its kind in India: Design, engineering & supply of a Cryogenic System for BF3 (Boron Triflouride) Plant
  • Inox India Pvt Ltd supplied and commissioned the Storage & Distribution System at MICO BOSCH, Nashik
  • LIN System for LPG / LNG Terminals commissioned 
  • INOX INDIA PVT LTD participates & presents a paper at the 24th NSIG - AIIGMA in Agra
  • Dos & Donts while transporting liquids like Oxygen 
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Jul 2001

Artificial Insemination projects take seed in remote areas via Liquid Nitrogen Containers
Indian Cable Companies (with Optic Fibre Projects) opt for Inox India Cryogenic Tanks
INOX INDIA's LIN Tanks bring good news for Seafood Exporters
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Apr 2001

  • Long Haul transportation: Semi - Trailers
  • Cryogenic Tanks for Semiconductor Applications 
  • INOX INDIA PVT LTD participates in AIIGMA - 23rd NSIG
  • Do & Donts of cryo equipment care
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Jan 2001

  • Large sized Tanks despatched
  • New Orders from around the world
  • INOX INDIA PVT LTD has launched its website: 
  • Our versatile and innovative product range servicing the cryogenic valuse chain
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Oct 2000

  • INOX INDIA completed Storage & Vaporising System for Tampine Gas Centre, Singapore. Repeat order from Nippon Sanso
  • Orders received for INOX INDIA's Thermosyphon Tanks
  • Repair & Maintenance Workshop held at INOX INDIA - Kalol Plant
  • Inox India: Giving a spurt to the White Revolution
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Jul 2000

  • Varied applications for Inox India's Tanks
  • More orders received from Middle Eastern countries
  • Transport Tanks for LIVESTOCK Departments
  • Product Focus:Portable Customer Station
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Apr 2000

  • Vacuum Jacketed Lines (Super Insulated Piping) for Liquid Propulsion Systems 
  • Indian Oil Petronas Ltd at Haldia to use Inox India's LIN storage and distribution
  • Stall & Paper presented at the International Cryogenic Engg Conferene at Mumbai 
  • Inox India particiapted and presents a paper ont eh Design of large sized Storage Tanks at the 22nd AIIGMA at New Delhi
  • Inox Inida's Storage & Distribution Tanks for LIN, LOX, LAR & LCO2
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Jan 2000

  • IIL Facility now ASME 'U' stamp certified
  • Wide range for Transport Tanks
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Oct 1999

  • Semi Trailer for Dubai
  • More Export Orders from Saudi Arabia
  • CRYOSEALS for Animal Husbandry Departments
  • Successful Installation & Commissioning at Oman
  • Inox India participates at Interactive Workshop on Cryogenics organized by Nuclear Science Centre at New Delhi
  • Timely execution of gigantic Cryogenic Tank
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Apr 1999

  • Transport Tanks reach Middle East & South East Asian roads
  • Inox Tanks for Optic Fibre Applications
  • Compliance with stiff DHDS time schedules
  • Another Research Institute Installation 
  • INOX INDIA shifts to new office in Vadodara
  • MINICRYO: Compact, Convenient & Efficient 
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Jan 1999

  • Record Implementation
  • 3rd Bay fully operational for handling non-standard jobs
  • Inox India's Vacuum Insulated Piping
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Apr 1998

  • Repeat orders from Emirates Industrial Gases, Dubai
  • CRYOSEAL Containers on show at IDE 98 at New Delhi 
  • INOX INDIA participates at the 20th NSIG conducted by AIIGMA at Delhi
  • Product Focus: Steam Heated Vaporizer
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Jan 1998

  • INOX INDIA completes supply of cryogenic tanks for Praxair's first set of Projects in India
  • CRYOSEAL on display at NDDB exhibition at Anand
  • Inox India cryogenic tanks now reach semiconductor industry
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Jul 1997

  • Breakthrough order for super insulated tanks 
  • Inox India delivers 2 tanks at Hazira
  • Inox India's Super Insulation Technology received ISO 9001 Certification in March 1997. Next, we received Quality Test Certificate from Ministry of Agriculture, Govt of India
  • Product Focus: Gaspack
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Apr 1997

  • ISO 9001 also for Super Insulation Technology 
  • Prestigious order received from Indonesia
  • Advantages of Thermosyphon Tanks
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Jan 1997

  • Prestigious order received from Japan
  • Cryo Tank for Oil exploration
  • Symposium on Cryogenic materials & Processes
  • Record Implementation at Chennai
  • Mobile Cylinder Filling Station - MCDS
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Oct 1996

  • CRYOSEAL range of aluminium cryogenic containers receive Stamp of Approval from Sabarmati Ashram Gaushala, Kheda managed by NDDB
  • Training session in aluminium by Mr Tanabe of Nippon Sando Corporation, Japan
  • Quality at every step
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Jul 1996

  • Super Insulation Technology goes on-stream 
  • Inox India gets unlimited access to latest developments in welding technology by industrial membership of TWI - 'World Centre for Materials joining Technology' of UK
  • State of art Thermosyphon Tanks from Inox India Pvt Ltd: a profitable way of cylinder filling
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Sep 1995

  • More orders from Japan
  • Tailor made solutions for Cryogenic Liquid Transportation: Low & High pressure vacuum insulated Cryogenic Transport Tanks
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Jan 1995

  • Matching global standards 
  • High purity Nitrogen in Float Glass manufacture 
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News & Event

INOX Group feels honored & privileged in becoming a part of India's Olympic dream! We are looking forward to the Indian contingent scaling new heights

INOX India to supply Cryogenic Flexible Cryolines to ITER.

INOXCVA Storage tanks adding value to Air Liquide Brasil Operations to support medical fraternity tirelessly fighting the covid19

INOXCVA 13000 liters storage tank & vaporizer unit getting dispatched for installation at Hospital in Pune.

INOXCVA congratulates Messer gases Brazil in the endeavour to support medical fraternity tirelessly fighting the covid19. Heart warming to see INOXCVA Portacryos, IMOs and REGAS units adding value to Messer Gases Brasil Operations.

INOXCVA's partnership with Shell_India was put up at Reuters Building, Times Square, Manhattan, NY! Proud moment indeed for all of us!

2020 Starts with a Showstopper...!

INOXCVA is happy to be associated with Gasworld as Bronze Sponsor at gasworld MENA Industrial Gas Conference in Dubai 9~11th December 2019 held at Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City, Dubai Visit Booth #10

INOXCVA completed 22 years of association with ISRO

INOXCVA was one of the sponsors at CEOs forum promoted by the India Brazil Chamber of Commerce held on 15th Aug, 2019.

Bronze Sponsor at GWASIA 2019

AIIGMA 41st SEMINAR ON INDUSTRIAL GASES 11~14th March, 2019. Booth No. 4 & 5. in Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel, Turkey.

Interview in Weldfeb Tech Times of INOXCVA Welding Engineer Jooi Bhatt.

INOXCVA-Cryo Scientific division manufacturing of the ITER cryolines

INOXCVA participated at gasworld CO2 Summit in Innsbruck, 12~13th March, 2019 at The Interalpen-Hotel, Tyrol, Austria.

INOX India wins Corporate Cricket Tournament organized by LIC of India in Vadodara.

Participated at gasworld Asia Pacific Conference 2018 at KL, Malaysia 3~5th Dec 2018. GWAsia2018

INOXCVA celebrating XXV year of Excellence. Organised Vendors' Meet in Vadodara on 21st April, 18

INOXCVA attends CGA Annual Meeting 2019 at PGA National, Palm Beach Gardens, FL as guest invitee.

INOXCVA Ms. Bhumika Joshi & Ms. Dipali Vaidya featured in Cold Facts issue article on outstanding Women in Cryogenics and Superconductivity.

INOXCVA celebrated XXV year of Excellence. Honorable Chief Guest Mr. Pavan Kumar Jain & Mr. Siddharth Jain

INOXCVA associate with Vadodara International Marathon 2017


INOXCVA commissioned its GoLNG facility at Bharat Wire Ropes (BWR) near Dhule, Maharashtra.


INOXCVA is committed to provide an environment friendly and safe solutions. it has taken lead in small scale LNG application development and its commercialization. ...



Industrial Gas Division - Engineered package systems
Turnkey Solutions for Engineered Packaged Systems Cryogenic Liquid Storage & Vaporization ...






INOXCVA to provide cryogenics technology for upcoming LNG terminal at Krishnapatnam port, India - Gasworld
Cryogenic engineering and equipment manufacturer INOXCVA will be providing cryogenics technologies along with associated equipment and project management for the upcoming FLNG terminal of LNG BHARAT, within the breakwaters of the Krishnapatnam Port o...

High Capacity LNG Semi-Trailers: 40,000 ~ 60,000 Liters

Marine LNG Fuel Systems: meeting greater challenges

Showcase: Gasworld MENA Conference Dubai

INOXCVA ISO IMO7 tank container for LIN/LOX/LAR/CO2/LNG services - best in class with highest capacity >22kl and longest holding time ~120 days...

INOXCVA organized a ‘Product Training Seminar’ for their fastest selling product ~ Liquid Cylinders for West Zone customers at Mumbai


INOXCVA completes supply of 3 x 770m3 LNG Marine Fuel Tanks for a prestigious Project

INOXCVA builds ‘Buffer Vessels’ for a prestigious client within a record time of three months.

20' ISO Tank Container

2000/3000 USG Offshore Skid Tanks DNV certified rugged frame and accessories for Oil well services.

INOXCVA thanks its customers as it delivers its 10000th tank

INOXCVA presents Micro-bulk selection guide & options at AIIGMA Regional Summit on ‘Packaged Industrial Gases – the Future’

ISRO appreciates Liquid Hydrogen Tank built by INOXCVA

International conference that enriches and enlightens

Nitrogen - Fluid Combi Pumping units offer better space utilization, improved ergonomics between and quicker pump priming.

770m3 LNG Fuel tanks from INOXCVA with BV Marine Class & IGF/IGC codes compliance and certifications for TGE Marine’s Crowley Project.

New Plasma welding machine at INOXCVA, Mont Belvieu, Texas provides higher quality welding, saves time and cost.

Microcyl & Portacryo

INOXCVA - Forerunner in Semi-Trailers for Ethylene service.

‘Microcyl’ - mini storage units from INOXCVA, get European users excited, with its performance, versatile & compact design. Upto 24bar options in 150 to 450 liters.

‘Portacryo’ - mini storage units from INOXCVA, get European users excited, with its performance, versatile & compact design. Upto 38bar options in 1, 1.5, 2 & 3kl.

INOXCVA attends the 37th All India Industrial Gases Manufacturers Association (AIIGMA) Seminar held at Chennai from 1st to 3rd Feb 2015.

Expanding the Cryo Scientific knowledge frontiers

INOXCVA makes its presence felt at the Asia-Pacific Industrial Gas Conference 2014 (17th to 19th November 2014)

A new phase, a new space (19th September 2014)

A synergy of Indian Space Research Organization and INOX India Private Limited, Vadodara (14th August 2014)

INOXCVA contributes to world’s largest Fusion Energy Experiment (7th August 2014)

INOXCVA walks away with the

INOXCVA participates at 36th Seminar on Industrial Gases organized by AIIGMA at Bangkok (13 - 15th April 2014)

INOXCVA GoLNG Team participates in the LNG Asia Summit at Indonesia (23 - 25 April 2014)

INOXCVA announces establishment of INOXCVA EUROPE B.V. at Alblasserdam, NL

World LNG Fuels 2014 delegates visit manufacturing unit of INOXCVA at Baytown in USA

INOXCVA amongst the GOLD SPONSORS at the World LNG Fuels 2014, Houston Texas.

Open Days in January for Xe Series Tank Viewing at Alblasserdam, NL

INOXCVA launches new tank - Xe Series, made for Europe

INOXCVA as Sponsors at the gasworld MENA Industrial Gas Conference at Dubai ( 3 - 5 December 2013)

CRYOSEAL to participate in World Dairy Expo at Wisconsin, U.S.A (1 -5 October 2013)

42nd National safety Week Celebration - 4th – 10th March 2013 at Kalol Plant

CRYOSEAL- Small Product Big Leap

National Safety Week Celebration (4-10th March’13)



INOXCVA participates in Gasworld conference at Miami, U.S

Kalol Unit augments its capacity

Accolades for INOXCVA

INOXCVA participates and jointly organizes AIIGMA’s fourth Safety Goals Workshop at Delhi

New Transport Tank shed of INOXCVA at Kalol inaugurated

INOXCVA jointly organizes ‘Safety First’ workshop with AIIGMA at Srinagar

Standard Chartered Private Equity Invests INR 2500mn (US$ 45mn) in INOXCVA

Propelling ahead with LNG
INOXCVA Successfully installs on site LNG facilities in Rajasthan and Maharashtra ...

Reinforcing our global presence
INOXCVA makes its presence felt in South East Asia ...

INOXCVA completes Phase 2 expansion of Ameriport facility in Baytown, Texas...

INOXCVA participates in Middle East Conference 2011
Almost four years to the day since gasworld hosted its first industrial gas conference in the Middle East, the forum for discussion and debate returns to Dubai this week as the eighth international gasworld conference gets underway. With the stunn...

INOXCVA First Rail Car Shipped out ...

CVA Expanded Facility At Ameriport
CVA expanded its facility at Ameriport in Baytown, Texas (USA) ...


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