Chasis Mounted Tanks

Capacity:   4000 litres - 24000 litres. 1056 gallons - 6340 gallons
Pressure:  Standard 17.5 kg/cm2
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  • Transport tank for LOX, LIN, & LAR service
  • Efficient multilayer super insulation ensures better efficiency
  • Stainless steel rugged & ergonomic rear operational valve box cabinet
  • Ergonomic designed piping layout for ease of access, operation & maintenance
  • Long lasting high quality surface finish & paint
  • Reliable design & support system for rough transportation conditions
  • Inner vessel stainless steel SS304
  • Rugged design for optimized & maximum payload
  • Bellow sealed vacuum probe valve with gauge tube covered for protection
  • SS lifting hooks
  • Inner vessel safety with flow diverter valve for maintainence without depressurization
  • IVAC vacuum retention methodology
  • Sampling point
  • Hose stowage box
  • Fire control or emergecy shutoff valves
  • Additional isolation valves in liquid lines
  • Burst discs or safety valves as secondary safety device
  • Stainless steel outer vessel
  • Flexibility of design codes (European, American, Australian)
  • Low pressure tanks fitted with transfer pumps
  • Stainless steel braided hose, suitable for O2 Service
  • Mudguard, Noise eliminator
  • Rear led light, pressure display in drivers cabin
  • Fire extinguisher with box, Traffic cone
  • Cold shock test with Liquid Nitrogen
  • Cable reel drum, Flexible hose pipe
  • Mounting arrangement option chassis
  • Perlite insulation
  • LCO2 / LN2O service options on 24 kg/cm2 MAWP
  • Aluminium rugged & ergonomic rear operational valve box cabinet

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