Body Load Nitrogen Pumper

The INOXCVA Nitrogen Pumping Unit is a hydraulic heat recovery Liquid Nitrogen Pump and vaporizer system. Both pump power and vaporizer heat are supplied by the two co-generative diesel power packs which convert the waste engine heat into useful heat for the vaporizer. The liquid is pressurized by a triplex pump before being sent to the vaporizer. At the vaporizer, the high pressure liquid absorbs heat sufficient to raise the temperature to 70degrees Fahrenheit, converting the liquid to a gas state.Thereafter, the nitrogen gas flows out the discharge valve at pressure and flow rate required for the job. These units are provided with Data Acquisition System. The 270K Body Load model (pictured) is capable of 10,000 psi Max Working Pressure and 270,000 SCFM Max Flow Rate.

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